16 & 17 April 2015 // Wellington, NZ

OS//OS is a two-day gathering of bright minds and communities from open technology, open government, open business and open education.

Learn and connect with global leaders and local champions in open technology and culture.

Ben Balter - Head of open government Github

Keitha Booth - Manager, NZ Open Government Data Programme

Sascha Meinrath

Sascha Meinrath – Founder, Open Technology Institute

Brandon Keepers - Head of open source at GitHub

Michelle Williams - Ideaction

Billy Meinke – Open Education & Creative Commons

Chris Kelly – Director of outreach & community at GitHub

Lillian Grace - CEO & Founder of Wiki New Zealand

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OS//OS 2015 will bring software developers, open government champions, changemakers and innovators together from across sectors.

We will celebrate and share global best practices, openly discuss the big challenges head on and build a community of people leading the way towards an open source future.

Expect inspiring keynote speakers, interactive workshops and plenty of opportunity for connection, participation & open knowledge-sharing with world-leading practitioners and the brightest local minds.

Feedback? Ideas? Questions?

We’re building this event to serve the community working to make the world a more open place. If you have ideas and feedback we would love to hear from you.

Our door is open: contact@opensourceopensociety.com

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